La Mama Moves, La Mama Experimental Theater, June 2017


She Is A Refugee Star sparks flames that speak to the fight for individualized freedom, the fight to be able to be, and become the truest versions of ourselves, pressing against societal norms, institutionalized constructed behaviors, assigned roles based on gender. It is emotional, thought provoking, gritty, raw and also joyous and playful -James Brandon Lewis

SHE IS A REFUGEE STAR is a multi-disciplinary/dimensional approach to how community can transform oppressive structures in performance and politics into a liberated connection of diverse minds and bodies. With support of her collaborators mesihovic creates a space which is rooted in her experience as a refugee of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995), as well as her experiences as an immigrant woman continuing to navigate Western society. She also explore concepts from M-BODYMENT her self-developed somatic / movement research method within the work. BOSNIANBORN is more than a performance work, it is an environment void of fear where all its participants, artists and audience members alike, become active in the promotion of education and healing. 


Dystrophy-a mobilizes and imagines. How do we mobilize embodied multidimensionality?Can we be here, there and somewhere else at the same time? How to mobilize embodied multidimensionality? How do we organize and build structures to hold a heterogenous society of multilayered in-dividuals? Is it possible to re-imagine the current through re-imagining our bodies? Dystrophy-a is an attempt to build and conjure a whole continuously in process, and continuously being discovered. Here everyone holds stakes and is a valuable asset to the system, which we yet are to find ways to sustain. 



Performance Mix Festival, Here Arts Center, New York, June,2015


The work is raw and satisfyingly void of any superfluity. The performers indulge in the heaviness of the body and the work itself is so weighty in emotion, one is left holding ones breath -Creative Fel, premier arts and culture magazine in South Africa

VOID is the 2nd movement of the 3-part suite – The Trilogy of Survival. This work takes a look at the struggle against social conformity and the individual struggle for self-determination in our vastly standardized society. 

Original music by Ivan Caframes Bohigas.


Breytenbach Theter, Pretporia, South Africa, May 2016


Dixon Place, New York  


A particularly chilling piece, Mersiha Mesihovic/CircuitDebris’s Dissonance examines a search for beauty in a world of darkness and hatred. -Theo Boguszewski, The Dance Enthusiast 2013

Dissonance is a socio-cultural satire with references to Balkan folk dance, music and culture highlighting human relationships while exploring notions of love, power, integrity and questioning our perception of what is accepted as normal in our society.  

California Institute of the Arts, May, 2012 


I make revolution, therefore I exist -Solanas & Gentino

I am is a meditation on freedom, made in support of all freedom loving people around the world and made in honor to all of those who have lost their life either by the rawness of the world we live in or by fighting for personal freedom and/or behalf of their communities on a daily basis. This piece is specifically inspired by his life and struggle, Tunisian street vendor Mohamed Bouzaizi who set him self on fire, confronting everyday fustrations and humiliations of injustice, corruption and poverty and whose act ignited the Arab Spring\ -Mesihovic 2012

With its raw and honest physicality I am takes on a personal journey where anything seems possible. With it s captivating strength and emotional complexity played out to gritty, percussive yet ambiguous sounds created by Paul Matthis in collaboration with Mesihovic I am brings us face to face with the surreal and raw nature of our existence where we can only but once again be astonished with the Inconceivability of our reality. The only thing left to do is to reach inwards in the ever so ephemeral yet incessant encounters with the absurdity of our world.


circuitdebris' void

in Collaboration with video/music artist izzy, December 2015


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