Mersiha Mesihoivc, founder & artistic director of CircuitDebris - a space for interdisciplinarity, radical dance & community engagement is a Bosnian/Swedish, NYC- based dance artist, curator, cultural organizer and teaching artist whose work is primarily interested in human behavior, movement invention and pushing boundaries of what dance should address. With an ongoing collaboration with saxophonist/composer James Brandon Lewis, Mesihovic initiated CircuitDebris in 2011 to formally conceptualize her collaboration with artists across disciplines and passion for community engagement. Most recently Mesihovic was hailed as "Rising NYC Choreographer" by and CircuitDebris referred to as a vibrant, eclectic and fresh NYC Dance Company to watch. Mesihovic has taught her unique Movement Invention/Composition workshop at Universities, Dance Centers and for Dance Companies in US and abroad including Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg & Tshwane University of Technology in Pretoria in South Afriica, Gibney Dance -NY and Kun-Yang Lin/Dancers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

At home she is regarded as “new generation of choreographers, who show as a new way to feel, to tell and animate us to free thinking with emotional touch" and placed in the hall of fame by the YU2MEDIA (presents artists and their works from Southeast Europe)

Mersiha Mesihovic was born in Mostar, a city situated on the emerald-green river Neretva and known as the cultural capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina. When war broke out in 1993, her family was forced to sell all of their possessions in exchange for bus tickets and flee as refugees to Sweden. Since then Mesihovic has traveled the world and performed throughout Europe. In 2008 Mesihovic attended California Institute of the Arts on scholarship and received a BFA in Dance & Choreography under direction of Stephan Koplowitz.


I am interested in the subterranean, presenting the human somatic and visceral experience in the context of the society we live in and our relationship to the world at large through looking closely at the connections, rhythms and energy that exist within our movement, our bodies. Through juxtaposition, fragmentation of what is familiar (the normative rhythms, recognizable imagery) and less familiar (non-normative impulses), in the stories of our bodies, I pose questions related to freedom and what is accepted as normal in our society. Through examining the body, the energy that exists within it and connects us to everything else on earth, I can strip away the phantom images we have created of our reality and find answers to what freedom truly means.