VOID -examines society devoid of its cultural  expression and is the 2nd movement from from the three part Suite, The Trilogy (of Survival). 
The Trilogy
examines the struggle against social conformity and the individual struggle for self-determination in our vastly standardized society.


"I make revolution, therefore I exist"- Solanas & Gentino

I am...is  a  meditation on freedom, made in support of all freedom loving people around the world and made in honor to all of those who have lost their life either by the rawness of the world we live in or by fighting for personal freedom  and/or behalf of their communities on  a daily basis.

With its raw and honest physicality I am takes on a personal journey where anything seems possible. With it s captivating strength and emotional complexity played out to gritty, percussive yet ambiguous sounds created by Paul Matthis in collaboration with Mesihovic I am brings us face to face with the surreal and raw nature of our existence where we can only but once again be astonished with the Inconceivability of our reality. The only thing left to do is to reach inwards in the ever so ephemeral yet incessant encounters with the absurdity of our world.




visualized and directed by Mesihovic with


James Brandon Lewis -composer

Lindsey Lollie -choreographer/dancer

Jahcobie Cosom -text/spoken word

Miriam Connor -video installation (text and soundscape by Mesihovic)

Andy Robert -visual art

Matt Schumacher -lighting

Amanda McNussen -dancer


“I have once in my life experienced war and destruction and physical and psychological imprisonment due to those circumstances. In this cross disciplinary piece we choose to deal with this reality, explore reasons for it and search for a possible escape and/or release. 

As in Gwendolyn Brooks poem “Paul Robeson” we are aware of the beauty that lies within the freedom of singing loud and clear and speaking our mind.  We are inspired with possibilities of a change and transformation of our environment for a better one and hope to inspire others. We hope and wish to harvest the beauty of what freedom means and share or harvest together with anyone who wants to see the beauty we are seeing" -Mersiha Mesihovic, artistic director CircuitDebris.

“Anyone can get a clear sense of what freedom means when it is taken away or when government or society is implementing rules that restricts being yourself. We often take for granted that we are free to be ourselves and that our creativity and imperfections are welcome. Not everyone is free in this way. You cannot walk outside if you live in a war zone. Not everyone is free to speak up and address real issues.” Lindsey Lollie- Choreographer/Collaborator


This project addresses the issue of being restricted, whether it be by borders, racism, genderism, religion, inner conflict...  The work recognizes the social systems of oppression to in the end renounce them.  

ON THE SUBJECT OF FREEDOM poses a question of how to strive to achieve freedom from restriction made by other but also made by ourselves. 

We are concerned with the world and the state it is in, but also wish to ask: “How do I feel about the restrictions that exist in my own life”?  Also inspire other to ask themselves the same thing. The piece allows people to question the nature of their historical and social situation.  

ON THE SUBJECT OF FREEDOM was performed in May 2012 in a series of performances in the Main Gallery at CalArts, led by professor Chandra Khan in celebration of the Human Rights Day. 

Most recently the work was performed  at the 6th annual Arts In One World Conference in Valencia California,  which encourages presentations, performances and workshops that demonstrate how survivors, artists and scholars give testimony and bear witness to circumstances of conflict and social injustice, opening an imaginative space for participation in the recovery of historical memory and social renewal.