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The Human Odyssey Series

  • Poe Park East 192nd Street Bronx, NY United States (map)

The Human Odyssey is a monthly performance and media art showcase. Human Odyssey explores the human connection between the performer and audience that challenges ideas of self-identity within movement practices or any other forms of disciplinary practices. These practices develop evidence that within an embodiment state one can trace these movements from a personal or textural experience (place) to map out a form of somatic practice.



- BOSNIANBORN *SHE IS A REFUGEE STAR* - Mersiha Mesihovic featuring Visnja Krzic &  Ellen Maynard

BOSNIANBORN sparks flames that speak to the fight for individualized freedom, the fight to be able to be, and become the truest versions of ourselves, pressing against societal norms, institutionalized constructed behaviors, assigned roles based on gender. It is emotional, thought provoking, gritty, raw and also joyous and playful -James Brandon Lewis.

BOSNIANBORN *SHE IS A REFUGEE STAR* is a multi-disciplinary/dimensional approach to how community can transform oppressive structures in performance and politics into a liberated connection of diverse minds and bodies. With support of her collaborators mesihovic creates a space which is rooted in her experience as a refugee of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995), as well as her experiences as an immigrant woman continuing to navigate Western society. She also explore concepts from EMBODIMENT, her self-developed somatic / movement research method within the work. BOSNIANBORN is more than a performance work, it is an environment void of fear where all its participants, artists and audience members alike, become active in the promotion of education and healing through inclusion.

THRESHOLD - Jane Gabriels

Standing in that place of pause between worlds, listening for something that appeals a response. Sounds of horses running in the field. The ongoing rush of cars from a 10th floor window. A chair in the woods. The breath before singing. A discovery experiment. 

- The Gilded Cage - Bryanna Bradley 

the gilded cage is an analysis of the gaze(s) by Bryanna Bradley. the gilded cage: analysis of the gaze(s) will be a bricolage of academic writings, text messages, conversations as well as excerpts from buck: an exploration of black masculinity. These texts will interweave the personal and the historical instances of various gaze(s) on black bodies. Movements in this piece aim to explore the many nooks and crannies of “the gilded cage” of being black in society.

Instagram - @human.odysseynyc