easy connectivity, shifting walls, fluid structures

I am realizing why and how people always find artists floaty and use sayings as Hippie Dippie and do not understand the shit that comes out of our mouth. If you could understand the things that we are able to see and realize through years of years of practice on our instruments and ability to reach realizations a deeper understanding of our world and its structures and systems in place through our practices, the same way as mathematicians and scientist do to bring us closer to a more "real" experience of the world and past the dense/phantom experience of it, the one that reaches beyond our sensory/immediate experience of it. 
when you realize everything is energy, just all in different states and forms. that all structures can be re-imagined and its walls shifted. that is when you realize the change is possible. that is why i love my practice and have to engage in it daily as it give me the only hope that this world is a place where real change can occur. the system can be reorganized. it can be more fluid, hierarchical power structures can be rearranged. our system can be just and based on a just exchange of energy where everyone participates and has equal stakes. i really hope to find ways that i can share my realizations through the way i share my art/practice and activate my audiences to this perception of the world. nothing is, everything moves and shifts and we all hold power to what direction. and please spare me your standardized discourses that this and that is dependent on something else for re-evolution. i know past all of that.