I am interested in the subterranean, presenting the human somatic and visceral experience in the context of the society we live in and our relationship to the world at large through looking closely at the connections, rhythms and energy that exist within our moving bodies. Through juxtaposition, fragmentation of what is familiar (the normative rhythms, recognizable imagery) and less familiar (non-normative impulses), in the stories told by our bodies, I pose questions related to freedom and what is accepted as normal in our society. Through examining the body, the energy that exists within it and connects us to everything else on earth, I can strip away the phantom images we have created of our reality and find answers to what freedom truly means.

The awareness, that by inspiring the individual I am contributing to social empowerment and that by creating works which push physicality I am challenging the perception of what is possible, has led me to dedicate my life to creating challenging dance works  grounded in constant exploration of my humanity and the infinite possibilities of the human body. 



I always stress and continue to stress whether it be the work I am presenting, my teaching practice or how I exist in the world on and off the dance floor, it is really important to me to get people in touch with the energy they possess as human beings.

When we realize everything is energy, just all in different states and forms, that all structures can be re-imagined and its walls shifted, that is when we realize change is possible; the current system in place can be reorganized. It can be more fluid. Hierarchical power structures can be rearranged. Our system can be just and based on a just exchange of energy where everyone participates and has equal stakes. i really hope to find ways that i can share my realizations through the way i share my art/practice and activate my audiences to this perception of the world.

Nothing is, everything moves and shifts and we all hold power to what direction.



EMBODIMENT system (one of the instrumental systems used to develop our current work)

 is a mind/body/spirit integration practice interested in discovering the full potential of the moving body by reconnecting it to the energy we possess as human beings. Fundamental principle of the embodiment  is utilizing opposition which allows the lengthening of muscles, opening of joints and broadening of the skeleton and discovery of the spiral dynamic present within our moving body. In a workshop setting participants will be invited to look beyond the body as a mere generator or mechanical tool that connects joints in movement to set the body in motion. The meditative warm-up build on repetition, soft focus, circularity and continuous flow leads the participants to access and reconnect to subterranean landscapes and the energetic body. This new awareness will allow us to move away/let go of the conditioned singular focus in which we are led by our frontal body and our eyes as the only means of sensory communication. Embodiment is the art of total awareness, re-learning our potential as human beings and re-discovering our relationship to each other and the world. The body becomes a space for possibilities, allowing dance artists to access new space within their bodies so they can find further dimensions to their physicality and new entry points to creation of their choreographic work. Re-imagining the moving body as a whole, EMBODIMENT is designed to give an alternative look at the body in motion, its relationship to other bodies and the space surrounding it. It also challenges our perception of what is possible and asks of us to consider a new way of relating to ourselves, each other and to re-examine how we exist in the world.


Mesihovic teaching her unique MOVEMENT INVENTION/COMPOSITION WORKSHOP at Wits University in Johannesburg, SouthAfrica.